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Extra High Port
Stainless Steel - $6.95  Copper - $10.95 ..
Jr. Curb Gag Bit
Stainless steel shanks. Has a sweet iron single twisted wire mouthpiece. Excellent for colts follow..
Rubber Bit Port
Slips over the mouth of any style bit. Prevents a horse from getting his tongue over the bit...
Copper Saw Mouth
Copper Saw Mouth ..
Johnson Gag Bits
Imported Stainless Steel. 5" mouth, 9" shanks. Available in mouthpieces: a) Sweet Iron Twisted Wi..
Half Spoon Double Twisted Wire
Stainless Steel 5" mouth..
Copper Wire Wrapped Gag Bit
Stainless Steel Only..
Overcheck Jointed Snaffle
5" mouth, 1 1/2" rings, smooth snaffle...
Bedford 3-Ring Bit / Double Twisted Wire
10" shank with stainless steel double twisted wire mouthpiece mounted on shank. Made in the U.S.A...
High Port
Stainless Steel - $5.95 Copper - $10.95 ..
Roller Bit
Stainless steel shanks. 3-piece sweet iron snaffle with copper rollers. Great for a horse that lik..
Bristle Bit Burr
Used on horses that have a tendency to pull to the side. Made of leather with firm bristles...
Smooth Snaffle Port
Stainless Steel $6.95 ,  Copper $10.95 ..
Bobo Gag Bit
Imported Stainless Steel. 5" mouth, 9" shanks. Smooth snaffle mouthpiece. ..
Full Cheek Rubber Snaffle
Stainless steel 5" rubber covered snaffle, 6 1/2" shank...
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